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About us

We are The Jumping Frog Motel located in Angels Camp, Ca. Home of the Famous Jumping Frog Jubilee. Where the fun truly is. There is so much to do in this area we can't name it all but read below to get an idea of the what fun it is to visit this area.

Why is Calaveras County becoming the place to visit?

Angels Camp was originally a mining Camp and grew from there even today many people are getting gold from this area and beyond there are many stories and history to talk about when it comes to Angeles Camp much like other mining areas there are still many mines about.

The quaint town of Angels Camp began as a tent town with many flimsy wooden structures that were destroyed by fire. In rebuilding, many structures were built of rock with iron doors and roofs of dirt and sand. Most of these buildings are standing today. The rest were again destroyed and rebuilt with only a handful of the original in evidence.

Each year Angels Camp and Calaveras County becomes more and more populated with tourist. So we suggest making your reservations ahead of time to beat the rush.

Mining and spectacular view aren't the only thing going on in these parts. We are sitting in the heart of the most exciting places you will ever visit!

For best discounts always call us at (209)-736-2191. We look forward to your stay at the Jumping Frog Motel